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The concept for my company was a team effort. After watching literally thousands of YouTube videos, founder Lonnie Gardner wanted to create, a site & channel, where people could find the information they’re looking for without spending hours on YouTube. Once they find one of our videos, we hope their search is over and they found what they needed.

Teaming up with several other tech guys I know online, I formed The Write Stuff, which is just a group of people who love learning about the world around us, especially tech. Over the past decade, The Write Stuff covers social media and blog content, white papers, videos and so much more!

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Security research

Yes, I realize the picture doesn’t look anything like me! Remember when designing a site we use placeholder’s so we can get everything laid out just the way we want.

And right now, giving my limited available time because of all the projects and things we have going on, I get to this site as time permits. Yes, I have The Crew, but just like me, they have stuff to do too. So for the next few weeks, you’re bound to see stuff that doesn’t fit or off-topic. That’s because there is a lot to getting a site fully done and live. And if you’re seeing this, this means you’ve seen the link to this site from one of my YouTube videos or on my Facebook page; because it is not advertised yet.

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“serious tech chops and a fabulous sense of humor”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


Lonnie knows he wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done he wants to if it wasn’t for his awesome crew. Kara Margules heads up our sales department, helping us find new clients in need of copywriting services when she’s not hitting the sales herself. Marie St. Clair keeps our copywriters working while developing awesome new craft designs. Jason Andrews leads our exceptional IT support team when he’s not making a new batch of award-winning homebrewed ale.

The Write Stuff wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our highly-skilled team of copywriters. Covering industries from accounting to zoo advertising, our amazing copywriters can cover any campaign for any business anywhere in the world.